Double Income, No Kids

They say you can have time or money, but not both.

Joe worked a very labor intensive, stressful job. He exchanged his ten minute commute for an hour one when we bought our house. And he was getting older.

I exchanged my hour commute for a five minute one. I had a three bedroom house and just the two of us.

His job gave him grief for leaving early to attend the foster parenting classes. He’d work six or seven days a week. He’d be called up with no notice and asked to come in. His back hurt all the time and I was worried he’d wind up coming face first with a tree driving into work at three in the morning or coming home at two in the morning.

During the classes, we discussed him stepping down from management. Then we got the phone call. Our license was approved.

The phone calls began the same day.

Phone call after phone call asking if we could take this child, these siblings, this teenager.

And finally, Joe said enough. He would be transferred closer to home to work part time. We’d have about $50,000 less a year to work with. No more eating out, extravagant vacations, or cocktails. That was easy. The house had a sizable down payment and the was now furnished thanks to both our incomes. The plan had always been to work hard, make a lot of money and invest it in a family. My education was an investment in our family. We had done the once in a lifetime vacation to Ireland the year before and now would have to settle for road trips with family.

We would all make sacrifices. I’m still surprised at how well we do given the fact that we went down to only one income.


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