foster care

Oh Brothers!

As Joe and I were reaching the conclusion that our Matt and Mikey were too much for us, another foster family had a set of brothers needing potential forever families. Some people foster only, and they had taken two year old Mason as a temporary placement. When they went to see the parents, they discovered Mom was very pregnant with Lucas. Three months past and they noted that the parents were not working their plan. They reached out to find a foster to adopt home. That was us!

I connected to two year old Mason right away. He’s a tornado of a kid. He was running from room to room and batting my hand until he finally allowed me to hug him. Joe engaged in Lucas, who fussed like crazy but melted in Joe’s arms.

We visited the foster family’s house, then had a visit at our house. We had Jose for a few days before we’d take our boys on long term. Poor Jose went from getting his way on everything to finding new and improved adults who were ready to lay down the law. We found homework in his backpack and tried going through assignments with him. Anytime Jose didn’t understand something, he’d shut down. Jose and I spent an hour and a half going over clocks and time (irony?) Poor thing.

And so we dropped off Jose and said our goodbyes to him, again. And we were waiting on our boys. I had everything planned out. I took a week off from work. I had appointments set up.

I had no idea. First time instant Mommy, just add two kids. My entire world changed.



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