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One of the things we were warned about in our PRIDE classes (Foster care classes) is lice. Lots of kids come into care with lice and it should be the first thing they are checked on when they come in the house. Because there is nothing like taking a terrified child that was just torn away from his or her family and putting him or her under a light to search their hair for bugs. That’s not traumatizing. Not at all.

So before kids came to us, I was told of a specific treatment for lice that worked on multiple outbreaks. This was told to me by a mother of 12.

Two weeks ago I got the phone call. Fiona (6) had live lice. Time to pick her up. The first thing I did was call that mother of 12.

The treatment is this:

For the next three days:

Wash hair in Blue Dawn. Let it get really sudsy. This kills the live lice.

Spray hair with a mixture of half vinegar, half rubbing alcohol. Let it dry. This kills the nits and eggs. This irritated Fiona’s eyes so I had her wear goggles on day 2 and 3.

Cover hair with olive oil and cover hair in plastic. We used a shower cap. This prevents lice from jumping into bedding and reinfecting.

3 days later we are lice free.

Now I’m putting drops of tea tree oil on all their scalps to prevent new lice from hopping on since it’s a school wide outbreak.